Software projects

Sound Manipulator PPC

    A Phasevocoder program for MacOS 9.x.

CAC III     

    Computer Aided Composition (CAC III) is a Computer Composition environment (written in Common Lisp) for creating algorithmic compositions in MacOS 8.x/9.x


    Computer Aided Composition Environment 4 for MacOSX , is the latest version of my algorithmic composition environment, written in LispWorks 7.x. It is a total redesign of the previous CAC III version (was only for MacOS 8.x/9.x).

    First versions (beta 0.91/0.92) are now available for download.


    A computer program for doing DSP in an object oriented way.

Used for composing and teaching students DSP and creating object oriented computer programs.  Works for MacOSX (10.6.x -10.8.x) 

Future Software Projects:

Fuzzy Logic Controller, for CACE4

020222 mk