Bouncing Ball    -    2003/2004    -    11’57

2 Channel Tape-compositie

Piano: Nora Mulder, Barbara Woof 

Metal Balls put on the strings of the piano and made them slightly move are the foundation of this four part, tape Composition.

These Metal balls behave like a kind of mobiles which are constantly in movement: in search for their point of stability, which they never will find.

This constant movement is the main line is this composition and as a kind of static counterpoint there is the single note. Not in movement at all counter balancing for the constantly moving metal ball.

Besides these metal balls, wire-brushes, small chains, coins, (guitar) plectra and several types of mallets were used for creating sounds in the inside of the piano.  Just for exploring different kind of possibilities in creating rich timbres from the acoustical instrument.

The composition can be seen as a dialog between piano, as an acoustical instrument, and the electronics, which alters the sound and creates extra possibilities in the manipulation of the timbre of the instrumental sound.  All sounds are from the piano (inside and outside).

Frequency shifting and Harmonic filtering are besides processing in the complex domain (FFT, phasevocoding techniques) the major treatments.

All recording, soundprocessing editing and postprocessing: Michèl Koenders.