Cello Impro    -    1996    -    05’37

Composition for Cello, effect processor and computer

Cello: Réne Berman

A special composition commission and project from the NCRV radio made it possible that this composition was recorded and broadcasted on Tuesday the 22th of October 1996: (NCRV: Document op 4). It is a interactive piece were the sound of the Cello is altered, in real-time, with the aid of self written software. The sound is in such way changed that multiple layers of sound together with the original Cello sound form one instrument (sound). The processing from the computer is controlled with fractal calculations: who add specific distances between the multiple layers of sound. This give it the massif and sometimes dens sound layers. But the contrasts is also there: open tiny sounds which move intensively in space. Mixed with the live sounds from the ‘Walter Maas house” gives it a lively impression.

Has been performed by: Réne Berman.