Contrasts    -    1989    -    08’07

    Study for piano, computer and some FM modules.

    Kurzweil Midi piano, computer & software, FB-01, TX-816 (Yamaha).

Contrasts is an interactive music piece that uses the information generated by the playing of the musician to manipulate the sound parameters of the TX - 816 synthesizer by mapping the values to certain system exclusive messages. This results sometimes in a homogenous texture but can also provide a harsh contrast between the piano and the FM sound. The note information is used also to calculate micro tonal chords, (that makes use of the 11th to 16th overtone) that are played by the computer with the aid of a FB-01 piano sound. This adds a particular color to the Kurzweil timbre. This composition was specially written for the Dutch TV program Qwerty.

Has been performed by: Eric van der Molen.