Helmet & Sling (Helm en slinger) -   2001/2002  -  13’30

     Composition for trumpet solo and real-time DSP.

    At some stage we all have to arm ourselves and in any case it's handy to be able to withdraw from a treaty if it doesn't suit one any more isn't it?

Aside from this…..This is the last piece in my "Armaments-cycle" of three pieces for solo instrument and computer (cello: ‘ Bow & arrow ’, piano: ‘ Spear & Shield ’, trumpet ‘Helmet & Sling’). I thought it would be a good idea to use this piece to provide Theater Kikker with appropriate armaments for the future, being a commission for the festive re-opening of this theatre in September 2001. 

"Helmet and Sling" is, as are the other pieces in the armaments-cycle a so-called Algorithmic composition. In short: complex calculations form the basis of the pitch, dynamics and duration of the notes. The use of microtonality (quarter-tones) is interwoven with tonal and chromatic elements in the composition and serves as coloration only. The computer provide the rest of the color. Harmonizers and time variable delays are used for this as well as convolution and through this techniques such as cross-synthesis in combination with for example, additive synthesis.

Because pitch detection in combination with fractal calculations  is constantly being applied to determine the exact progression of the signal processing, the precise development of the signal processing (in order to modify the sound) is  recalculated by each new note. 

As such "Helmet & Sling" is a so-called "Event-driven" composition, whereby much of the precise sound manipulation falls back in the hands of the performer.

In 2011 the composition has been released on the CD ‘Blue Dog’ - Marco Blaauw.

Recording: 30 January 2002, ZKM Karlsruhe Germany

Recording Engineers: Thomas Saur & Volker Schmitt All editing and postprocessing: Michèl Koenders

PostMix: july 2002 DJC Studio, Den Bosch

Has been performed by: Marco Blaauw.

Commissioned by: ‘Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst’


© 2009 ZKM