Limbo    -    1990    -    08’09

    Composition for computer and acoustic and electronic percussion.

    Three percussion players: marimba, vibraphone, cymbals, temple blocks, bongo's, snare drum, two Octapads, computer (Atari ST) & software, Yamaha TX 816 (8 * TF-1 soundmodules).

The main idea behind this piece is to achieve a diversity of possibilities in making and changing the timbre of a sound with the use of percussion instruments. The percussion is divided over the three players . This includes two octapads from which the (MIDI) output is used for mapping and calculating to change real-time the sound parameters of the TX - 816. (With specially developed software to change Common and System Exclusive messages.) The score is based on a particular groupings of the sound material , e.g. the pitches are split into four different modi. The score is notated as a certain guided improvisation, the playing techniques and duration of each section occurring within strict boundaries. The order of the material was calculated with help of a Mira fractal calculation that decided to use what kind of material on which kind of moment for which player and for how long it should be played.

Has been performed by: Manuel Cooymans and two other  percussion players.