12 Tape-compositions (In 2.0 and 5.1 and 8.0 surround).

MMM_Transforms    -    2005/2008    -    43’00

 12 Electronic Tape Compositions for Computer Generated Graphics.

Computer Generated Graphics: Willem Willemse.

MMM Transforms – by Willem Willemse and Michèl Koenders.

About the animations:

Our experiences don’t end for us in the visible world. We perceive more layers as we look into the universe or feel under our skin. It’s not static, it moves and makes sounds. In order to move within these realms, science devises models, religion uses rituals. As an artist I try to express this connection in my animations.

The animations create a feeling of constant change. They conjure up different atmospheres: now the feeling of space, then that of a microstructure or of growth.

The animation series carry the title of  “M-M-M Transforms in black and white”.  It is concerned with our meso- or middle-entity in relation to the micro- and macro-worlds.

The pictures seem to occupy the border between the material and immaterial.

Using 3-D programs elementary forms are animated into arbitrary organic bodies. Visual elements such as transparent, layering and light give a distinctive expression to the animations. These elements have evolved out of my earlier paintings with movement being the most important addition to this basis. The animations are three to four minutes in length. Static forms alternate with slow and more fast moving formations.  The forms appear from a point or out of a matrix, move within this and progress to an arbitrary order. By matrix I mean origin, an order without hierarchy. The planes and volumes are in grey-tints varying from very light to dark, mostly viewed from a frontal point.

Text: Willem Willemse

About the sound:

From the beginning it was clear that this request for music by the animations would be special. This time no ‘classic’ struggle between the film and the music but one where the sound would support the ‘story’ of the visuals in the (exposition) space.  The music services the animations without sacrificing too much autonomy. Of most interest to me, apart from Willem’s fascinating graphics was to create a music that would bring the animations into the space, to, as it were, ‘pluck’ the picture out of its tight boundary and carry it into the surrounding space. Each short piece was made separately for each animation. Sometimes I chose a particular type of sound synthesis as a point of departure, or else it could be a particular movement in the animation that I tried to ‘capture’ in an acoustical movement in space. 

Occasionally an easy assignment but often it was quite difficult to achieve the right tone, atmosphere and sound. Because of the short duration of each animation I had,

as a composer, search for short ‘stories’: uncomplicated in sound and form.

This resulted in twelve etudes for spatial composition.

Text: Michèl Koenders

Frequency shifting and Harmonic filtering are besides processing in the complex domain (FFT, phasevocoding techniques) the major treatments.

All recording, soundprocessing editing and postprocessing: Michèl Koenders.

1 cylindermatrix 

2 planespace2zz3

3 pulsskin

4 planspace(5-6)

5 likefaces

6 forms-up

7 beatplanes

8 matrixplanes(2-5)

9 matrix(3-4-4)

10 frontplanes

11 sculpplaneszzz 

12 matrix(2-6)-3bz