Naxos revisited    -    2003    -    10’40

    Composition for 4 channel Tape and soprano. 

    Composed together with Barbara Woof.

"Naxos Revisited" revisits the Ariadne myth. There are many versions to the story - some say she was abandoned by Theseus on Naxos, others that they were separated by a storm. Ariadne met either a mortal death or was transformed into a star, her home in a castle by the Corona Borealis.

We leave you in the dark about all of this. What we present is an acoustic scene of Ariadne alone on an island - or she thinks she's on one - maybe it's just all in her mind....

There are three parts to the piece, at first Ariadne seems to be asleep, dreaming about Theseus and then seemingly awakens as if from a nightmare. She is confused, hears voices, thinks she is drowning in the sea - maybe this is the nightmare?

Out of the sea of sound she emerges again, this time at peace with her situation, despite the undercurrent of unrest that can be heard.

All the sounds you hear have been produced from DSP manipulations of our own recordings of the  soprano soloist, sea and bird sounds (from Australia) plus some metallic sounds.

All recording, soundprocessing editing and postprocessing: Michèl Koenders.

Commissioned by: ‘Fonds voor de scheppende toonkunst’

Has been performed by: Janice Jackson.

Singer: Janice Jackson