The sighs of Dora   -    1999    -    01’31

2 Channel Tape-composition.

Voice fragments : Dora van der Groen

The composition uses ‘left-overs’ of material that is normally thrown away in a recording session.

The sounds of the sighs, clicks and laughs of the actress Dora van der Groen are manipulated by phase-vocoding. Techniques. She plays an unseen role (her voice was only present on tape) in the music theatre piece "India Song" by Marguerite Duras (a joint production of the Zuidelijk Toneel and Holland Festival).

Various treatments: Cross Synthesis, Spectral Morphing, Time Stretching, Pitch Shifting en Binaural Filtering are used in this short piece.

The composition appeared on the CD: 'Electro-acoustic music from the Netherlands 2000' 

(PEM CD 1) as ‘Study IndiaSong’

All editing and postprocessing: Michèl Koenders

Released on CD:‘Electro-acoustic music from the Netherlands 2000’ (PEM CD 1) as ‘Study Indiasong

1999 © Toneel Groep Amsterdam