Lullaby for Christin    -    2003    -    05’32

    Composition for 2 channel Tape and double bass. 

    Composed together with Barbara Woof.

    A lullaby is sung to banish the fears a child may have when going to sleep:

the fear of the unknown, the vulnerability of the sleeping body, the

uncertainty of whether one will wake again.

Sleep and death are close neighbours

    This piece explores this world of darkness and fragile tranquility.

One may think it is strange to use the double bass for a lullaby, but it’s almost  human body size and shape and it’s acoustically soft but deep sound make  it a perfect vessel for what I want to convey.

    The text you hear in the piece comes from a poem by Georg Trakl : 

The English translation is:

“In the silence the lone stringed music of the fearful soul dies away.”

"In der Stille erstirbt der bangen Seele einsames Saitenspiel" (Georg Trakl)

All soundprocessing editing and postprocessing (also for the 5.1 version): Michèl Koenders.

Commissioned by: ‘ Christin Wildboltz’

Has been performed by: Christin Wildboltz.

has been Released on the DVD ‘Collaborations’: by Swiss ‘Tonkünstlerverein, STV / AMS and UNIT RECORDS Label  (Sept. 2006)

© Cristin Wildboltz