Modus II    -    1991 / 1993    -    12’00

    Composition for computer and electronic percussion.

    Percussion player, computer (Atari ST or Macintosh) & software, Yamaha TX 816, 

    and Akai S-950/S-1000 samplers.

Structure of the composition Modus:

I Intro.     II Timbre part.     III Rhythmical part.     IV Coda.

The work is split into twelve different parts that take approximately one minute for the percussionist to play. Because it is an interactive real-time piece the precise length of the piece will be decided by the player. Colored indications in the score decide what the selection of real time sound changing of the TX - 816 will be in a specific part of the composition. As fixed possibilities for use by the player I have selected the attack rate, sustain rate and release rate from the sound envelope. Further possibilities are distributed over oscillator detune, total tuning and the use of a sequencer. This sequencer can be used any time to record or playback a sequence. This enables the musician to play for example polyrhythmic patterns or to leave the playing totally to the computer. It exact use (when and how) is fixed just as the other functions in the score. Movement and positioning of the sound are as important as the coloring of it. That’s why I decided to make use of the Roland RSS system for the recording of this composition.

Has been performed by: Manuel Cooymans and Fedor Teunissen.

Released on CD:‘Dreams of transformation’ (DJC CD 221)