Piano player, computer with Next-ISPW (Next computer).

Spear & Shield (Speer & Schild)    -    1995    -    14’50

   Composition for Piano solo and realtime DSP

‘Spear & Shield’ is the second piece in a cycle of three. It is a real-time interactive composition created with the CAC II program. It is just like the cello piece created with the aid of fractal geometry and the use of the ART-2 Neural network. The piano sound are real-time changed by the MAX version for the NEXT-ISPW. I programmed several external MAX objects for creating a kind of process tracking triggered by the piano player. The composition is divided in three main parts. The first part uses real-time sample recording and playback (with alterations). The second part makes use of sounds created in the inside of the piano combined with processed sounds (real-time harmonizing). The amount of processing and the kind of processing is decided by a real-time working version of the ART2 Neural Network. The third part is more or less a kind of Coda: the processing of the piano sound is combined with the sample recording (of the first part) but with a extra kind of movement of the sound.

Spear & Shield is a so called Algorithmic composition created with the aid of a self programmed and designed composition environment created in Common Lisp on the Macintosh.

Has been performed by: Kees Wieringa