T.M.R.   -    1998    -    11’13

    Composition for piano, cello en computer (Max & MSP).

(T.M.R. = Tour de Monta Rosa)

Structure of the composition T.M.R.:

I Intro (Als een berg er tegen op zien).     II Slippery Ice & Thin Air.     III Breithorn.

A person walks around a lot and can't always keep his ears blocked.

And if you also walk in the mountains then what is most apparent is the silence and the diffusion of silence.

It is often difficult to pinpoint the direction from which sounds come. This result in their losing part of their meaning whereby they become abstract entities which increasingly seem to have the function of emphasizing the almost absolute silence. 

T.M.R. is a research in silence and the dispersal of this silence. Specific notes lose their function and become gradually reduced to their base material from which sounds can be constructed.

T.M.R. is an algorithmic composition in which a self-written computer-aided composition program (written in Lisp) is used to obtain the musical material via calculations.The whole is complimented by A.I. techniques in the form of neural networks. 

Max/MSP is used during performance to further manipulate the live sounds of the two instruments. Fractals are used here to produce from the sounds vertically, harmonizing and horizontally, movement and position in space. 

Perhaps the noise of the city (Paris) was necessary in order to complete this journey of exploration in silence...

Has been performed by: Réne Berman (cello) and kees Wieringa (piano).