Zwicky’s box    -    2016    -    23’00

        Composition for Ensemble and computer.

An algorithmically composition voor ensemble and live computer.

The composition has been performed by Ensemble Camera.

Zwicky’s Box – Ensemble with Computer (DSP)

The original idea for this composition for ensemble came from an idea of Fritz Zwicky. His General Morphological Analysis model, later named Zwicky's box after him, is a metaphor for handling complex problems. It is represented as a 3-dimensional cabinet with many drawers. This 3D cabinet or box of drawers stands for the complex problem as a whole. Each smaller drawer represents a tiny sub-problem of the whole. Instead of trying to solve the big problem all at once, one takes care to focus on every smaller, but solvable, sub-problem of this box, represented by a single drawer. Therefore, complexity can be handled and is therefore solvable.

To use this approach for composing, the analogy between solving a complex process and creating a composition needs to be understood. In order to solve such a complex problem - and it certainly can be stated that any composition, composed of x number of instruments, together with the use of computer programs etcetera, is a rather complex process – means that a way has to be found to cut it up into much smaller problems.

The audio recording has been done by Michèl Koenders on 13/15 April 2015, at the performance space of Ensemble Camera at ‘Splendor’ Amsterdam the Netherlands.

All additional sound-processing, editing and post-processing: Michèl Koenders.

Has been performed by Ensemble Camera.

Audio design and Technical drawings: © Michèl Koenders  2016